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John Lingo worked for years at Walt Disney World in the food and beverage division. Of his many accomplishments, one that stands out is taking from concept to fruition The Empress Lilly Riverboat Restaurant. It featured nine lounges and restaurants on three decks and It launched in April 1977.

Always the innovator, Mr. Lingo knew that presentation and packaging are the keys to success in the hospitality industry. 

That intimate understanding of the industry led to the birth of the Tooters test tube shooter in the mid-1980s in Brevard County, FL. 

Mr. Lingo originated the idea of using test tubes as a vessel for serving shots. He, personally, sold glass test tubes door-to-door to bars and nightclubs, along with serving trays, filler bottles and drink recipes. His pitch: presenting shots in this way would create fun and excitement for the customer, and help establishments make more money as a result.

The concept was an immediate hit. The Tooters business consistently grew and the Tooters test tube shot soon became a national sensation. Over 30 years later, Tooters strives to be creative and generate fun and excitement for our customers. 

Our Team

Our Mango Bottling team is top of the line when it comes to customer service. If you have any questions or concerns on a specific matter we will be glad to help you!


Drayton Sproull


Jared Shammah

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Holmes

VP National Sales

Brandy Hamaker

Quality Control/ Lab Manager

Amy Ratliff

Materials Manager

Sarah Wilde

Graphic Dept.

Tooters Promotions 

If you are looking for any variety of promotional drinkware, look no further than our sister company, Tooters Promotions. They offer a large variety of quality plastic drinkware in an array of sizes and themes. Great for any restaurant, bar, or venue. You can even get them printed with your logo! Contact any one of the Tooters Promotions friendly sales staff to answer any questions you may have, 800-552-0564 ext 5.



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