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Get ready to party with the arrival of our two fabulous new flavors: Tooters Hard Sarsaparilla and Tooters On The Tea! Immerse yourself in the magic of these extraordinary cocktails. Our Hard Sarsaparilla is basically the fancier cousin of Hard Root Beer, while Tooters On The Tea is the perfect blend of Sweet Tea and Lemonade. Just a heads up – these bad boys pack a punch, so sip with care and keep the celebration in check. Cheers responsibly! 🎉🍹

Saddle up for a Wild West adventure with Tooters Hard Sarsaparilla. Brace yourself for a rendezvous with the untamed spirit of the frontier as Tooters Hard Sarsaparilla rustles up a storm in the world of libations. This liquid dynamite combines the rugged essence of aged rum with a root beer twang, delivering a taste so bold it'll make even the toughest cowboys tip their hats in approval.​


ON THE TEA_375 _MOCKUP__edited.jpg

Introducing Tooters On The Tea – a refreshing blend of tea, zesty lemonade, and top-shelf vodka in a box of 15 self-serving test tubes. Perfect for sipping on the greens or any social affair. Pop open the foil, swing, and enjoy the taste of leisure. Cheers to a hole-in-one libation experience! 🏌️‍♀️🍋🍹


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