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Contract Bottling Services

Contract Info:

We at Mango Bottling, Inc. have worked to fill a specialized need in the beverage industry. Many large companies will not work with “start-up” brands. Some of the medium-sized companies will take brands that require minimum runs of thousands of cases. There are also costs involved for tooling and set-up fees. While those fees cannot be totally avoided, Mango Bottling has succeeded in bringing minimum runs, tooling charges, and set-up fees to a manageable level. Mango Bottling works with new and established brands to satisfy small and large quantity requirements in all sizes of spirit based products.


Bottling History:

In 1995 Mango Bottling, Inc. began helping brands that needed a specialized bottler for 50ml brands that were already successful in the market. Our customers soon realized that Mango Bottling was able to process 50ml and short run projects of all sizes more economically than they could produce themselves. 

The 50ml package was largely considered a "promotional" item but, because of Mango Bottling's efficiency at that size, the 50ml is no longer considered a cost but also a marketing tool with positive cash flow! Mango bottling is now the "go to" source for 50ml products.

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