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Contract Bottling/Co-Packing Quick Quote Questionnaire
(Note: Please limit answers to one brand. One brand, one quote.)

Mango Bottling does not offer food grade or THC bottling, carbonated product bottling, or crown capping or canning services at this time.

Source of Base Spirit (check one)
Is this a formulated product requiring batching or blending by co-packer:
Will the co-packer be required to flatten (lower the proof) of the bulk spirit:
Company annual bulk spirit production volume (check one): (used to establish Federal Excise Tax cost) Proof Gallons Annually
Bottle Size:
Bottle Per Case:
Bottle Style:
Bottle Shape:
Closure Size:
Closure Seal:
Label Application By Co-packer: (check all that apply)

Production Volume (Total Cases)

Thanks for submitting!Please wait up to 48 hours for a response.

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