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Point Of Sale Solutions

Tooters POS can be used for on-premise or off-premise. Tooters and Tooters POS are developed to help promote impulse purchases and additional sales revenue. We offer many innovative POS ideas, not to distract from your successful promotions that you are currently running, but to be an important part of your successes. All of this while promoting responsible consumption of alcohol.

Tooters POS comes in many shapes and sizes. Tooters four shelf floor rack for off-premise and our Tooters bucket program for on-premise are our two most requested POS items. However, we also offer additional items for your point of sale needs. Cooler door racks, Tooters beer hanger tags, small coolers and bar back pieces to list a few. We also offer several Tooters foam serving items that are designed to be soaked in water and frozen to keep your Tooters cold while serving. 

Additional items may be available. Availability may be limited on some items. Some items my be discontinued without notice. Contact your distributor representative or Mango Bottling about availability.

Promotional Ideas

Package Sales

Floor Stacks - Counter Displays - Cold Box Sales - On the Shelf in the Cooler - On the Shelf in the Premade Section -On an Endcap - Impulse Bins


Sell Tooters by the Bucket

Sell Tooter and Beer Combos by the Bucket 

Beer and Tooters Specials

Use Tooters Bottle Hang Tags to Sell a Beer and Tooter Together

Sell Tooters in the Beer Tub - Total Inventory Control

Concerts and Festivals

Use Tooters as a Fund Raiser for Concerts or Special Events

Cost is Less Than 60 Cents and You Can Sell them for $3.00 - $5.00 

Sports Specials

You Score We Pour Promotions

Tooter Foam Football Trays Work Great

Match Tooter Colors to Your Team Colors  

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