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For more info about Tooters:
Call: 800-552-2799 ext 6
Party Packs 

Tooters Party Pack is a great way to get the party started right! With 15 Tooters in each box, everyone has a chance to try them. The Party pack comes in 8 flavors that are liquor flavors and 3 Wine Base flavors. 

50ml 3 Flavor Rack.png
50ml Single Serve Tooters

These single serve Tooters are a great grab and go shot. Perfect for your liquor store single serve section. Great addition incremental sale. 

50ml Wine-based Tooters
Our traditional 50ml wine-based Tooters are the perfect single serving shots of deliciousness! Enjoy the convenience of ready-to-drink convenience in five great flavors to suit any taste. Perfect for any occasion, these wine-based Tooters are sure to please

Promo Accessories

We offer an array of POS items at no charge to qualifying customers that sell our pre-filled Tooters Products! Call for more info now!
*Case minimums may apply
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